Electrical Energy Distribution

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The local distribution system of the Králův Dvůr Iron and Steel Factory of ENERGO KD s.r.o. is chaneled from the switchboard in Tetín with two 22 kV lines with transferable possibilities of 22 MW. The feeding lines are lead to the entrance station in Výšina, where there are 3 transformers,  22 / 5.25  kV, 6.3 MVA.

For emergency situations there is a spare line brought into the business with transferable possiblities of 2 MW, lead into the switchboard of foundry 2. 5,25 kV electrical distribution for decided purchasers is ensured through the electrical distribution center. The transferable capacity of the lines and entrance station  is enough, taking into account the possible development of more purchasers.

Optimal delivery and purchasing of electrical energy is directed from the main switchboard, with the help of the dispacher system CESS. The usage of regulation abilities of this system is advantageous for not only the supplier, but also for the purchaser of electrical energy in the locality of  the distributional system.